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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Somebody Stop Me Before I buy Another One!

Ah- yeah. I bought another gun this week... what's that, three this month? Shh! Don't anybody tell!

I really could not pass up this Kel-Tec P-11 pistol. Its the big brother to the P3AT pistol I already have. Anyway, This P11 was in the pawn shop case @ $159, $180 out the door counting taxes and background checks. On, new ones are $269 + $20 shipping.

Close examination after getting it home tonight shows that this gun has had no more than one box of shells run through it. Really. The magazine is unmarked and the parts of a Kel-Tec that get shiny through operation show barely any marking.

In comparison to my P3AT, I really like the slide hold open on an empty magazine and the much improved locking pin. It has white, 3-dot sights and looks like a brand new pistol. I can't wait to clean up the tiny bit of shooting grime that is in it, lube the rails and take it to the range!

Tonight, when I went to pick it up- there in the glass case, was a stainless, Model 80, Colt Officers model, in 45ACP. God's caliber, just as designed by John M. Browning himself. Its $600. That's a fair price but more than I can just plunk down. But there's always layaway!

I mean, I really need a 45, right?

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